Thrive Leads overview – the ultimate lead generation plugin?

by | Oct 10, 2022

Lead generation is one of the tested methods for generating and maintaining website traffic. If you have a WordPress website, there are plenty of plugins you can use for your lead generation activities. Thrive Leads is one of those plugins. This plugin is part of the Thrives Themes ecosystem, but you can also buy it independently if you don’t want the rest of the products in the Thrives Themes suite.

In today’s article, we will take you through everything you may need to know about Thrive Leads. We shall look at all its core features, limitations, and pricing to help you decide whether it’s the plugin you need to perform lead generation activities on your website. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s jump right in!

About Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a mailing list and lead generation tool for WordPress websites. The core roles of this tool are growing your email list, promoting products, and increasing your conversions. It is part of the Thrive Themes suite, but Thrive now allows you to buy it individually if you don’t intend to use the rest of the products in their suite. That means you can use Thrive Leads even if your site does not use any of Thrive’s companion themes.

Like most of the other products in the Thrive Themes suite, Thrive Leads also has an intuitive interface that you will likely get familiar with after using it for a couple of minutes. This plugin has most of the features you would expect a lead generation tool to have in 2022. Most of its tools are geared towards enticing your potential customers/users to share their emails with you.

Thrive leads core features

Thrive Leads has lots of features that you can take advantage of to boost your conversions. Some of their core features include the following:

Opt-in forms

Thrive Leads gives you the tools to create different opt-in forms that you can put in various positions of your content. Here are some examples of opt-in forms that you may find useful;

PopUp Lightbox: This pops up on top of the content after a couple of minutes when a user loads any of your web pages. It is attention-grabbing, but you must trigger it at the right time to avoid frustrating users.

Sticky ribbon form: Thrive Leads has tools that you can use to add sticky ribbon forms that remain at the top of the web page as a user continues to read your content.

In-Line Forms: These are opt-in forms that you can add at the bottom of your posts or insert anywhere using a simple short code.

Slid-in forms: These forms are attention-grabbing but not as intrusive as popup forms. They are designed to slide from the corner of the web page.

Content lock: This is an assertive opt-in form that pop-ups and sticks on the web page until the user signs up or inputs the information you need.

A/B testing

If you are unsure of the best type of forms that will work for your websites, Thrive Lead’s A/B testing tools will help you get the correct answers. With this tool, you can test two different types of forms and compare their results after a given period. After the testing, you will be confident about the opt-in form type that works for our audience.

A wide library of templates

Thrive Leads has dozens of form templates you can use to quickly create forms without starting from scratch. All the form templates are responsive, so they will automatically adjust their size depending on the type of device a user is using to access the content on your website.

An intuitive drag-and-drop editor

Like the rest of the products in Thrive ecosystem, Thrive Leads also has an easy-to-use editor for creating and editing forms. The editor also lets you preview the forms as you create or edit them. With this editor, you can also create forms from scratch if the templates don’t have the kind of design you need.

Advanced Form Trigger Options

On top of the different opt-in form types and templates, Thrive Leads also gives you the power to choose when these forms should pop up. Some of the options you will get include;
               – Show form after a certain period of time
               – Show form when the user scrolls to a specific part of the content
               – Show form when the user scrolls to a percentage of the way down the content
              – Show form when the user clicks an element
              – Show form when the user is about to exit the page
              – Show when the user reaches the bottom of the page



    Detailed Tracking and Reporting

    Thrive Leads will track all your user behavior to give you all the data you need to determine your next course of action. Some of the information generated in the reports includes the best-performing forms and the pages and posts your leads are coming from.

    Thrive Leads Pricing

    There are two pricing options you can choose from. These include;
                – Buying Thrive Leads individually at $97 per year
                – Buying Thrive Themes Suite at $299 per year or $99 per quarter

    Thrive Leads Pros and Cons
    – It has a huge library of pre-built form templates
    – It has an intuitive and powerful form designer
    – Insightful reports

     – Relatively pricey if you choose to buy it individually.
     – Some of the pre-built form designs are not as modern.

    Final thoughts

    Thrive Leads is a powerful plugin with all the tools you need to create forms that will entice your target audience to share their emails with you. This plugin also has a good selection of templates to help you get started faster. So, you don’t need to be a good designer to use this tool. Overall, Thrive Leads is a plugin I would recommend if you are looking for a tool to help you grow your mailing list and conversions on your website.

    Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission



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