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by | Oct 16, 2022


A page builder is an essential plugin you need when creating a WordPress website. Thrive Architect is one of the best page builders you can use to create and customize the different web pages of your site. It has all the basic tools and functionalities you would expect a WordPress page builder in 2022 to have.

In this article, we will share everything you need to know about Thrive Architect, including its core features, pricing, pros and cons, and whether it is worth your money compared to the other alternatives in the market.

About Thrive Architect
Thrive Architect is a page builder that you can use to create different kinds of web pages, including homepage, sales pages, landing pages, blog templates, and more. It is among the Thrive Themes products, but you can also buy it alone or with the Thrive Theme Builder if you don’t intend to use the other plugins that come with the Thrive Themes suite.

This page builder comes with an impressive library of pre-built templates that you can use to create different web pages. Using Thrive Architect’s built-in drag-and-drop editor, you can customize these templates to suit your needs. Its interface is familiar to most mainstream WordPress page builders like Elementor and Beaver builder.

Thrive Architect core features
Intuitive drag-and-drop editor
As we shared earlier, this page builder has a drag-and-drop editor that you can use to customize your web pages. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor interface makes it easy to make changes to your web pages because you can see how they will look when you finally publish them on the web.

Pre-built landing page templates
Thrive Architect comes bundled with 352 beautifully designed conversion-focused landing page templates that you can get started with. These landing pages have different designs, making it easy to choose one that suits your sales campaign. You can customize these templates using the drag-and-drop editor to create your ideal layout and design.

Pre-built conversion elements
If you want to run sales and marketing campaigns, the pre-built conversion elements bundled with Thrive Architect will come in handy. Some of these elements include customizable buttons, testimonials, countdown timers and lead generation forms that integrate with most of the popular email marketing tools like ConvertKit, SendinBlue, and ActiveCampaign.

You can use these pre-built conversion elements to create landing pages, sales pages, product pages, homepage, and any other page on your website that is focused on converting visitors into paying customers.

Mobile responsive
When you create web pages using Thrive Architect, they will automatically be optimized for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The WYSIWYG interface of this page builder allows you to see how the pages you create will appear to users on different devices. This gives you more flexibility to optimize your web pages for all potential website users.

Building blocks
Thrive Architect comes with most of the basic and some unique building blocks you will use when creating the different sections of your website. Whether you need to add a call-to-action button, styled lists, credit card icons, pricing tables, lead generation forms, contact forms, guarantee boxes, images, progress bar, or data tables, Thrive Architect has a building block you can use.

Theme integrations
Besides the themes that come bundled with Thrive Theme suites, Thrive Architect integrates with most of the popular WordPress themes, including Astra Themes, Rise, Nive, Designer, Avada, and more. If you don’t find the companion themes of Thrive Themes interesting, you can choose from any of your favorite themes and use Thrive Architect to customize them.

Other integrations
Thrive Architect integrates with several email marketing and other essential WordPress tools you may need when building or managing your website. Some of these integrations include ActiveCampaign, Amazon SES, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip, Dropbox, EverWebinar, Facebook, FluentCRM, GetResponse, Google, Google Drive, GoToWebinar, HubSpot, iContact, Keap (Infusionsoft), KlickTipp, MadMimi, Mailchimp, MailerLite, MailGun, Twitter, Zapier, Zoho Campaigns, Spark Post, and more.

User Experience
When choosing a page builder, one of the important aspects you need to consider is the user experience. The good news is that Thrive Architect has an intuitive WYSIWYG interface that makes it easy to customize your different web pages. Whenever you want to edit a page or post, you will see the option of editing it with Thrive Architect if this plugin is already installed on your website.

Despite the updates made to the built-in WordPress page builder in the last couple of years, it is still miles behind third-party page builders like Thrive Architect. Thrive Architect also gives you access to a wide range of elements, templates, and building blocks that you can use to create and customize your different web pages.

Thrive themes Pricing
If you want to use Thrive Architect, there is an option of buying it alone, buying it with Thrive Optimize/Thrive Theme Builder, or buying the entire Thrive Themes Suite. Below is the pricing for each of these options.
     1. Thrive Architect at $97/year
     2. Thrive Themes Suite at $299/year or $99/quarter
     3. Thrive Themes Build and Thrives Architect at $167/year
     4. Thrive Architect and Thrive Optimize at $99/year

Thrives Architect Pros and Cons
 1. It comes bundled with a variety of landing page templates
 2. It has an intuitive and well-designed user interface
 3. It has many conversions-focused elements and building blocks
 4. Works with most of the popular WordPress themes
 5. Integrates with most of the essential WordPress tools
 1.It is more expensive than most page builders
 2. It has limited general-purpose (non-sales) templates.

Final thoughts
Overall, Thrive Architect is one of WordPress’s most reliable page builders, especially if you are working on a sales-focused website. It has many features and elements focused on helping you sell more. If you don’t intend to use the pre-built templates and elements that come bundled with Thrive Architect, you might be better off using a much cheaper page builder like Elementor Pro.



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