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How To Make Money Online in 2020

by | Feb 20, 2020

Once people made this transition from conventional business marketing methods to the digital, there has been no looking back. Online or digital marketing has become a vast and deep space so much that entrepreneurs and business heads are trying them all. However, do all of these methods work, or are they as effective in bringing in money? The answer is no. However, there are specific methods like affiliate marketing, helping people to make money online in 2020.

One of the best things to do is to make money as a consultant. Two different courses help a person to be a full-time consultant. Let us check out two of the best courses that aim to train and rev-up the entrepreneurship skills massively.

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Program – A Detailed Analysis

  Who is Sam Ovens?

As per Sam Ovens Forbes profile, he is one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs and is the founder of and SnapInspect. He is from New Zealand who had started the business of consulting from his family garage. Then he moved to New York and expanded his vision and horizon.

As per Sam Ovens wiki profile, he started here in New York, and then began his flagship course of Consulting Accelerator. Sam Ovens wife Ashleigh Ovens now lives with him in their beach house in California. Sam Ovens net worth is approximately $65 million.


Aim of the Course

   ➼ Gain confidence

   ➼ Follow your real passion

   ➼ Bring in business and online traffic in 42 days

Price of the Consulting Course

   ➼ Transparent

   ➼ The program is available free for 7 days trial period

   ➼  Get $500 off as discount on the Accelerator program

   ➼  Cost is $1,997 payable over 5 installments of $597 each.

Course Content

   ➼  104 hours of video content

   ➼  Total course duration is 6 weeks

   ➼   Courses available online on an e-learning platform, as mp3 recordings, text transcripts, and from all devices

   ➼   Stimulated training or social and live material available

   ➼   Fundamentals and Foundations of consultant, New Paradigms, Alchemy of the Client Conversion, Alchemy of Client Attraction, Facebook Evolution, Minimum Viable Service Delivery

   ➼  Expect certificates, degrees, and badges on completion of the course and achieving real business based results on implementation

Stats on the Turnaround of Course

   ➼  Over 52 millionaires created and over $690 million revenue earned by students who implemented the strategies

   ➼  Highly recommended in Huff Post, Forbes, Entrepreneurs, Inc



 For many entrepreneurs, their business is successful as long as it is bringing in money. However, for the ambitious lot having sacrificed a salaried job, this is not enough. Attending a Sam Ovens webinar will be a life-changing event for many who seek a change. This change is not just going to improve their business turnover, but even their lifestyle overall. What makes their business fall back and what strategies they need to bring in to make it a success? These questions need answers, and this is where Sam Ovens consulting will help.

Six weeks and thorough involvement in this Accelerator program have already helped scores,
and they are now leading successful ventures. Most of the entrepreneurs might have to
additionally invest in software tools and adapt certain measures like CRM, marketing funnels,
and programs for the year in hand. All these will anyhow be necessary to get deep into the


Can Anyone Sign up for this Program?


The answer is no. The program is ideal for fresh or experienced entrepreneurs or individuals
looking to start their new venture. The cost of the Accelerator program is high, which is logical only for serious and result-oriented professionals to sign up for this program. The 100 plus-hours Accelerator program is also going to offer you plenty of things to implement and funnels to use.

The course is for those who are sincere about setting up their consulting business and ready to get their hands dirty. Get ready to call the clients, plan programs, and focus on your business entirely from all aspects. The program is also right for those entrepreneurs who are looking for building more traffic. Many times, as a full-time entrepreneur, one might need to spruce up and think of newer strategies.

These strategies will be great for helping the entrepreneurs in creating ads and Facebook
campaigns, and make your business bring in clients.


Effectiveness of the Facebook Community – An Additional Benefit


The highlight of Sam Ovens courses is a way the participants of webinars or students can
network in the’s Facebook community. It is a great platform for entrepreneurs to meet new and aspiring individuals and check out the changes coming up. To follow newer trends is easier with this method.



 The fact that all the students get included in a Facebook group to form a cohesive community is noteworthy. These students get to meet fellow participants and students who evaluate their plans and discuss the strategies as they proceed towards their goals. Unlike the usual Facebook groups by other institutes or organizations, this one is busy as a beehive. Sam Ovens himself motivates and makes people take their call to action seriously.

The final verdict is that we cannot ignore the efficacy of Sam Ovens YouTube tutorials and the impact that Sam Ovens Instagram strategies have on our business. The accelerator course is as detailed as it can get with a serious focus on real-life implementation and not just going for theoretical lectures. This didactic approach places Sam Ovens webinar on a high plane.


Super Affiliate System – John Crestani’s Autowebinar Funnel

Who is John Crestani?


John Crestani is a founder of the Super Affiliate System, and he is a famous internet marketer. Check out John Crestani YouTube to see him share his thoughts or John Crestani Reddit page to know more about John Crestani wife and other trivia. You might be aware of how John Crestani loves to live his life to the lees, and how he loves his Lamborghini, which he got from his business of affiliate marketing. He began his stint as an internet marketer in 2011, and by 2016, John Crestani net worth is over $5 million

Aim of the Course

➼ Gain confidence through Affiliate marketing

➼ Follow your real passion and earn six-figure returns as an affiliate marketer

➼ Bring in business by choosing to be in an affiliate partnership with the right companies and brands

Price of the Consulting Course

➼ Clear pricing policy

➼ The program is available for a free trial period

     ➼ John Crestani affiliate program (3.0 version) costs $1,997, but the site offers the course at just $997 if you add it to the cart from dedicated gateways.

➼ You can pay it on 3-month installments of $397 each (even if you cancel it anytime)

Course Content

➼ 50-hours of video content

➼ Total course duration is 6 weeks

➼ The course comprises of setting up, changing the mindset, ways to write and optimize the ads, Facebook guidelines and ads metrics, ways to setup and use Facebook and native ads, using survey funnels, and other scaling tools.


Stats on the Turnaround of Course

➼ Created by the master in affiliate marketing, the course is elaborate and received positive reviews from the satisfied clients so far

➼ The course is available in 4 languages of Spanish, French, German, and English

➼ It has a bonus seventh week of implementing the strategies on social networking sites and search engines

➼ Students will be able to get instant access on registering to download the e-books in PDF or any other format on a host of different devices with different OS

➼ The Super Affiliate System 3.0 version is ready for individuals willing to make a positive and satisfying turnover from affiliate marketing

John Crestani affiliate marketing course is packed with enough material to help entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals willing to earn a 5-figure or 6-figure income. There are many affiliate marketers too who may need a little bit of help in the creation of landing pages or creating the sales funnel. They will find something or the other to take home after the completion of the course. The Super Affiliate Marketing Program 3.0 is already in use by thousands.

The course consists of internet jetset and aims to help all types of marketers. Marketing techniques and creating revenue. The John Crestani webinars from the Internet JetSet lessons aim to target the budding entrepreneurs to bring in business through various platforms.


Is the Super Affiliate Program really Worth it?


John Crestani has a detailed understanding of affiliate marketing, and he has built an empire just by it. So, when he gives classes and webinars, punctuated by case studies and real-life scenarios, everyone listens. The course material is detailed, and the online course has helped scores around the world to do much more with their affiliate marketing.

The course works wonders for those who want to make the most of their site. The affiliate-marketing program will help you maximize your ads with the right taxonomy drawing customers to hit the Buy button.

Many entrepreneurs and individuals do not know how to use native ads or maximize Facebook ads with superior quality images.

The best aspect of the course is it starts the affiliate-marketing course from scratch and does not leave any aspect to presumption. Thus, it is a great tool for someone who is looking to have a career in this field or is aiming to earn better through these ads.



About the Course and the Topics it Covers


The course covers starting the presell page or the Facebook ads layout and understanding it on the first week. The second week is ideal for marketers entering this niche for the first time. The course aims to change your mindset and understand the task. You will need to choose the best offer or niche, and the network where you want to post the ads. Your focus will be on intent, and based on this, you will have to proceed on creating the ads next week. As per John Crestani’s method, you get to understand the metrics in ads for Facebook and Google. It helps in creating ads that generate interest and revenue.

The fifth week will include learning paid ad campaign making for YouTube. You will also learn
the setting up of MGID native ads and Voluum DSP native ads.

Reading and observing the arc the ads is what you get to learn in the next week. The course also trains in comparing the past performance with the ones with ad campaigns. This helps in
understanding a great way, certain ads function vis-à-vis the other. Participants will get enough of case studies to help them in this regard.


Who will benefit from this Course and Who will not?


Anyone who is serious about marketing and sees every ad as a potential to reach out will benefit from this course. It also opens up more avenues to budding entrepreneurs looking for more optimization of their website pages. They can thus, learn how to network with fellow marketers in the seventh or the bonus week. Thanks to the step-by-step guidance by John Crestani himself, it becomes easier. The only negative aspect is the course focusing on paid ad creation and the course materials being a little bit too long.

The course consists of internet jetset and aims to help all types of marketers. Marketing techniques and creating revenue. The John Crestani webinars from the Internet JetSet lessons aim to target the budding entrepreneurs to bring in business through various platforms.



In conclusion, John Crestani review ends with a thumbs-up for the course. The program is well conceptualized, and through webinars and e-books, the course is compact and helpful. It is great for guiding anyone with little or no idea about the way the affiliate marketing works. Since the course is quite affordable, the John Crestani training program is certainly worth the time and investment.

Both these training courses are the best for everyone looking for ways to make money online
in 2019. Businesses consulting as well as affiliate marketing are going to be around for quite some time now. Therefore, though the tools may evolve with time, the actual methods of strategizing will not change. For the same reason, these courses help make you earn the 6-figure income.

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